3 Easy Steps to Help with Your Site’s Bounce Rate

What is your bounce rate and why does it matter? Your bounce rate is the rate that visitors depart from your web pages. A review of your Google Analytics could reveal some rather sobering information to you. If you have a bounce rate around 50 percent, then it’ obvious you ought to take some action!

Why is your bounce rate important?

Google looks at your site’s bounce rate as a part of its search algorithm, and a high rate can 19521722_mdrive down your page rankings. Furthermore, if everybody is leaving as soon as they get there, your site is most likely not doing what you’d hoped it would. In some cases this can be a result of your site’s pages loading slowly, which could definitely cause people to move on. But assuming you’ve got that under control, below are three ideas to help you keep visitors from bouncing off your pages!

  • Use video - The use of video or other multimedia content can create a spectacular difference in many ways. For starters, video has proven to be a factor in not only reducing bounce rates, but additionally in increasing user engagement, increased traffic, (YouTube embeds strengthen your rankings) and increased sales and preferred actions. The identical content of some 1500 to 2000 words presented in a video, audio or slideshow will very often be viewed as a whole.
  • Make better and more easily readable content - All too often content is posted onto a web page as one big blob. Do your best to split up your content into shorter, more readable paragraphs, and use subheads, bullet points or lists to break up the dullness. Images help convey points as well, and are visually appealing to the eye.
  • Have related content within your pages - It’s a good bet that you’ve got content on your site that is more than a little relevant to what you’re posting. Make sure to link to other content on your site that people may find interesting, and provide them a terrific reason to stay. For those who have a WordPress blog, this can be as simple as using a Related Post plugin.

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