3 Facebook Contest Slip-ups Local Businesses Must Avoid

You likely know better than to share the same post multiple times on Facebook. This principle is tossed out the window, though, for Facebook contests. Your contest will fail if you only post about it once and then wait for its conclusion. While making sure to provide great content throughout the day, also take the time to share the contest at least daily.

37676021 - frustrated businessman over white backgroundOffering an Unrelated Prize

Holding a contest where the winning prize is a weekend getaway, free airline flight or brand new iPad will definitely get plenty of engagement. Regrettably, much of it won’t be the engagement you want. This is because these prizes will attract everyone instead of just those who might actually purchase your product. Offer gift certificates for your shop or something likewise related as a prize instead.

Furnishing Unclear Rules

When having a Facebook contest, you must ensure that all rules are clearly defined. This means entirely explaining method of entry, the prize, winner selection criteria and how long the contest will run.

If your method of entry is something similar to “Like this status and share” understand that Facebook has rules against these types of contests. Local businesses don’t routinely have much to worry about, but to be on the safe side, many still use third-party apps. No matter how you run the contest, make sure you are clear on the rules.

Failure to Promote Facebook Contest

No one likes to overwhelm their fans with multiple posts about the same thing. This normal rule, though, doesn’t apply when it comes to contests. It is not enough to make an individual post and then forget about the contest until it is over. Share the status at least once a day, but make sure you are providing other useful content on the site as well.

Successful Facebook contests can easily get a business hundreds or even thousands of new followers. This is only, of course, if it is done correctly. Keep the aforementioned errors in mind when running your contest, and make the effort not to fall into their traps.

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