3 Things Game of Thrones Shows About Marketing and Advertising

Oberyn had Clegane at his mercy near their end. Instead of finishing the job, he became complacent in his success. He demanded an admission of responsibility from Clegane, and this was just enough time for Oberyn to be blindsided and killed.

Learn to Adapt

Arya Stark’s get away from King Landing only led to being taken by Harrenhal, followed by escaping again and tagging along with the Brotherhood without Borders. That was before running off and being captured by Hound. The point here is that she perpetually adapted.

Local businesses, in their online and offline marketing, must abide by the same rule. If a marketing device is not working, change it. If something newsworthy happens that allows a bit of real-time marketing, take advantage. Being adaptable is the only way to survive.

49888278_sNever ever Become Complacent in Victory

When Oberyn was in battle against Clegane, he had all but won the battle. However, he made the error of becoming complacent under the belief that he had won. This led him to demand Clegane admit to his criminal offenses, and this was just the delay needed for Clegane to kill Oberyn.

Too many advertisers take a break from content marketing after putting out one great piece. They think it will carry them for a bit, but bear in mind that some of your competitors put 42 percent of their budget towards content marketing. You will need to always press on.

Listen To What Is Taking Place

Lord Baelish and Varys have numerous spies between them who monitor what’s going on at all times. Local company owners similarly need to monitor the talk. Stay up with what people are talking about on review sites, and reply to make things right if something went wrong. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt to spend a bit in online reputation management to control the chat.

Game of Thrones is a lot more than just a great show. It can coach us droves of marketing lessons. Khaleesi is coming to Westeros, and these ideas can help get her in your enterprise!

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