3 Influencer Marketing Myths You Must Ignore

Influencer marketing has become a big deal recently. Utilizing trusted sources in the industry to advertise your product can take your promotional efforts to the next level. In fact, one study showed that every $1 invested in influencer marketing results in a $6.50 return on investment. Of course, this is only the case if you avoid the following influencer marketing myths.

You Need Big-Name Celebrities

One of the biggest myths that haunt influencer marketing is the idea that only some big-name celebrity can provide a good return on investment. While having Brad Pitt promote your product would certainly be great, it’s not necessary for your influencer venture to be worth it. Anyone from local celebrities to a regional manager trusted in their field can be great influencers.

It’s All About the Money

By seeking out more attainable influencers than Brad Pitt, you’re certainly saving money on your marketing efforts. It’s also important to remember, though, that money isn’t everything. There are certainly influencers out there who will promote the highest bidder, but most want to stay true to their ideals and only act as influencers for companies with the same values and goals. This is why you should seek out influencers that fall into this category.

Find someone who is actually trusted in your field and worry less about their millions of followers.

Popularity Equates to Influence

While your idea of getting the most for your money may include finding the person with the biggest online following, this is a trap that can turn costly. Jersey Shore’s Snooki has over 11.5 million Facebook followers, for instance, but what influence does she have over your targeted demographic if you sell lumber? Find someone who is actually trusted in your field and worry less about their millions of followers.

Building offline relationships with influencers will prove fruitful to your business endeavors in the long run. Just ensure that you’re working from facts and not influencer marketing myths. This could make or break your promotional strategy.

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