3 Marketing Lessons Completely From Film Classic ‘Home Alone’

The Wet Bandits tried to enter Kevin’s home at one point but were shocked by what appeared to be a party. Those of us watching at home, though, knew that this was just an ingenious ruse put on by Kevin to make it seem like everyone was home.

kevin-home-alone-zoom-fcf5c0ff-7273-43ee-a991-7ec9ac0b81c6Never Be Afraid of Change

When Kevin’s family realized he was home alone, they began doing everything in their power to get back to him. Making sure that the movie was not 30 minutes long, they came across travel troubles along the way. Refusing to let this stop her, Kevin’s mom ended up going to a moving van just to get home. Change is needed in life and marketing. If something is not working, do not be afraid to change course.

Social Media Interaction Is Necessary

Before the Wet Bandits actually enter Kevin’s home, they stake out the place and are scared off by an allegedly upbeat party. We all know, though, that this was simply smoke and mirrors carried out by Kevin to give the appearance that people were inside.

Unfortunately, far too many companies treat their social media pages the same way. Even though they are uploading superb content consistently, they fail to acknowledge comments and posts on their page.

Take into account that these are either clients or potential paying customers. Nearly 2/3 of Americans use social media, so if you want them to stick around, give more than just the appearance of an organization that listens.

Cover Each of the Bases

You may be influenced to only market your business through a few platforms. Maybe you have a website and email list, but no social media system. Just imagine if Kevin hadn’t covered all his bases when setting traps at each and every entryway and having backup plans in place. Things would have went far differently. Keep this in mind if you ever consider ignoring certain marketing advice.

Hopefully it will be possible to enjoy ‘Home Alone’ from now on without constantly contemplating marketing. Even if you cannot, though, at least you might pick up a few extra ideas along the way.

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