3 Marketing Lessons Small Businesses Can Take From Uber

In many cities, Uber rides are more economical than taxis, but in New York and a few other cities, Uber costs more. Even in these cities, however, Uber still proves triumphant. This is brought on by the fact that consumers enjoy the quality and convenience of Uber pick up services.

43260444_sDevelop Partnerships

To lengthen its reach and marketability, Uber has formed part
nerships with places like Virgin America. Local businesses can do this as well. This usually only works when teaming with businesses outside of your industry, but it works well. Restaurants, theme parks, rental car agencies, and any number of other businesses can easily have a mutually beneficial partnership where they each refer consumers to the other.

People Can Pay More For Excellent Products

While many don’t even recognize the fact, the price of your goods and services are one of their most marketable features. This often leads small business owners to sacrifice quality in an effort to offer prices lower than their competitors. Uber shows us that this is folly.

While Uber is more reasonably priced than a taxi in some cities, this is not the case in New York, Philadelphia, and a few other cities. Yet for some reason, Uber is still successful in these locales. It is because people appreciate the convenience and quality of service they receive from Uber.

People will pay more for a fantastic product, so focus on that first.

Improved Quality from Instant Feedback

Uber allows its users to instantly leave comments via their mobile device, and this allows the company to continuously improve on their service. You should likewise elicit feedback from your clients. Offer incentives for reliable online reviews. These reviews, whether negative or positive, can help in advertising and marketing. Positive reviews are great, and since you can respond to negative reviews, people will see that you care about customer happiness.

Uber has obviously done something right to achieve this level of accomplishment. Why not take a few lessons and shoot for the stars with your company as well?

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