3 Online Marketing Tactics That Are Annoying Your Customers

When using offline marketing methods, it’s hard to ensure that a large audience is reached. After all, only so many people will be driving past that billboard or watching TV when an ad spot is played. Since 87 percent of Americans do use the internet, though, online marketing is obviously essential. If you’re using the following online marketing tactics, though, you’re likely just annoying loyal and potential customers.

Gating Content

It’s important to know that using gated content isn’t always a bad thing. If a company spent money on a study or wrote an eBook filled with valuable information, for instance, gating the content is typically smart. If the business is gating the majority of their content or content that’s freely available on other sites, though, they’re going to drive potential customers away. Local businesses should use content gating sparingly and only when appropriate.

19483733 - picture of angry businesswoman with laptop at workAuto-Posts from Facebook to Twitter

Marketing automation is an amazing thing. Marketing managers or budding entrepreneurs with a flair for digital can use automation to keep social media pages engaging even when everyone is hard at work. This automation can become quite annoying, though, if a business auto-posts their Facebook statuses to Twitter.

The simple fact is that the two platforms are very different, and while tweets auto-posting to Facebook aren’t quite that bad, Facebook posts showing up on Twitter can look terrible. Having six back-to-back tweets informing customers a Facebook status has been shared or that content is available on a separate platform just becomes annoying after a while.

Advertising Pre-Recordings as ‘Live’

It’s okay to remind people that a live webinar is quickly approaching, and it’s also okay to share pre-recorded webinars. It’s not okay, however, to lie about the content. People can tell if a “live” video isn’t really live, and once they take note of this, a company will immediately lose any trust they could’ve garnered.

Effective marketing can take a long time to build up, but it only takes a mistake or two to ruin things. While the aforementioned tactics might still be in heavy use, it doesn’t mean that they’re creating happy prospects.

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