3 Questions To Ask A Orlando Marketing Firm Before Hiring Them

Before you hire a Orlando marketing firm to take care of the marketing needs for your business, it is important to ask them questions that will help you to understand the types of marketing they focus on and what types of results you should expect. There are a variety of Orlando marketing firms to choose from. Therefore you should make sure that the one you choose can meet your business needs.

17680806_sWhat portion of a typical marketing plan includes online marketing?

A Orlando marketing firm that predominantly focuses on traditional marketing is not what today’s business owner wants or needs. Traditional marketing is costly and the ROI is not competitive when compared to online marketing ROI. Unless your target demographic is older or poor, you will need to dedicate more than 50% of your marketing plan to web marketing.

What type of online marketing do you specialize in?

A competitive Orlando marketing firm should be able to supply you with a very comprehensive list of the types of online marketing they do. There is a wide variety of online marketing strategies that can and should be used in order to generate web traffic and, as a consequence, sales. If a firm only mentions a few, keep looking for another firm.

Do you have SEO specialists on staff?

Orlando marketing firms that are on top of web marketing strategies know the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, they often employ or sub-contract SEO specialists who understand what works best when it comes to search engines and directing traffic to your web site.

If you take the time to ask Orlando marketing firms these 3 questions, you will get a good idea of whether or not they are worth hiring for your marketing needs. Seek out a Orlando marketing firm who is on top of the latest in web marketing strategies as this is the future of every business.

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