3 Quick Ways to Get User-Generated Content for Marketing

Local business owners and their marketing managers are typically wondering how to create informative and interesting content. This is a constant necessity, but over the years, marketing professionals have recognized that user-generated content can be just as valuable. Even back when MySpace was still the social media giant, data showed this form of content increased sales. Fortunately, learning how to get user-generated content is as easy as learning a few tips.


3 Quick Ways to Get User-Generated Content for Marketing

Reward Clients for User-Generated Content

One of the best ways to elicit any type of behavior is by offering a reward, and this holds true in the user-generated content arena. Companies can have a contest where the winner is chosen from those who submit tagged, in-store photos of themselves. It could also be as simple as giving a discount to clients who “check in” on social media. Find a way to incentivize user-generated content and it will come.

Keep an Eye on Review Sites

Most business owners understand the importance of keeping an eye on customer reviews left for their company. What many don’t realize is that they can utilize these reviews as a form of user-generated content.

As it turns out, people really trust online reviews. This is why marketers spend so much time trying to make sure they’re positive. What is the point, though, in waiting for people to seek out these reviews? Take the time to find positive testimonials and share them, even if it’s just via screenshot, on social media.

Create In-Store Signs

One method of getting user-generated content that’s overlooked far too often is simply putting a sign up. The sign could be nothing more than a unique hashtag with a call to action. The call to action tells people to use the hashtag to let their friends know they’re getting a new car, dress or whatever specific items the store carries.

User-generated content is worth its weight in gold, so every budding entrepreneur should strive to elicit it. It won’t replace all of content marketing, but it will certainly make a dent.

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