3 Strategies to Mix Social Media and Offline Marketing

Whereas Facebook ‘About’ sections were once simply for basic information, the site now allows a video to be uploaded. And that means you can get a lot more play out of a television ad by simply placing it on Facebook. First time visitors to your page will see your ad, which they may have never caught before, and you have the option to switch videos at any time.

31300633_sInclude Television Advertisement to Facebook ‘About’ Section

Facebook recently began allowing entrepreneurs to upload a video in their ‘About’ section. This is a ideal opportunity to place that 30-second television spot front and center. Even better is that the video can be rotated out at any time, and customers viewing a page for the first time will immediately see the video.

Give On-Site or Event Promotions Via Check In

One of the great benefits of social media platforms like Facebook, Foursquare and Google is that they offer the opportunity to “check in.” This creates an opportunity for you to use an offline marketing tactic, a discount, and make it reliant on social media. Whether it is at an event or at the business location, offer consumers a discount on the spot if they check in on social media.

Start using Hashtags Everywhere

Brands that use hashtags usually see an increase in activity of 50 percent. Do not allow these hashtags be solely contingent on social media, though. Create a clever and memorable hashtag and post it everywhere. From television commercials to billboards, these will serve as hashtag reminders for people to use later.

As a local entrepreneur, you should reap the benefits of every marketing tool at your disposal. This consists of offline marketing. Fortunately, this old fashioned marketing tactic still plays a significant role in promoting a business.

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