3 Tips for Mastering Your New LinkedIn Profile

If you haven’t done any marketing with your LinkedIn account, it’s time you learned how 3 Tips for Mastering Your New LinkedIn Profilethis could truly benefit you in ways you can only imagine at this point. LinkedIn has grown to become a monster online destination for business professionals and entrepreneurs. With more than 259 million users, and over 3 million LinkedIn business pages, there is a huge opportunity to be found here!

Recently LinkedIn reworked the profile page, and even though we often dislike change, this particular one is for the better. There are some specific ways to get this to work for you, and we’re going to have a look at three of them right now.

3 Ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile page for marketing

  • Use your headline, summary and contact info smartly! - These areas are the most important in the new profile layout. Decide what keywords you want to be found for, and include them in your headline and summary. You only have 120 characters to work with in your headline, so make an effort to craft a compelling statement about you and your business. Because the summary is now positioned above the fold, this also requires careful attention. Be sure to put any ways you like to be contacted in your contact information, and don’t forget to link out to your site from here!
  • Acquire and feature testimonials - Getting recommendations and testimonials is what social proof is all about. Having others rave about you and your business is is always good.
  • Get professional photos - Your LinkedIn profile photo needs some attention. Don’t slap up the latest photo you have showing you in either various stages of partying or undress. Go for a professionally done headshot that shows you as you would appear to a client, whom some of these viewers could end up being! Also, don’t use older photos, no matter how flattering, that represent you as you used to be. The jolt of reality people get when they meet you in person may not go over too well.

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