3 Valuable Tips For Small Business Marketing On Twitter

The algorithm utilized by Facebook ends up limiting the reach of pages who share content links several times. So on Facebook, you basically get one chance, and you have to hope a large amount of your followers are on when the post goes out.

Benefit from Automated Posting Tools

Many small business owners avoid doing much with Twitter because of the necessary frequency of posts. After all, it is impossible to spend all day getting online and posting new content. Fortunately, you don’t need to.

12387023 - sketch of young woman with laptop  vector illustrationWith tools like Hootsuite, you can plan your posts well ahead of time. Never just post and forget them, though. Check your page now and again and respond to any conversation your content receives.

Steer Tweets To Industry Leaders

A typical Tweet that’s not geared towards anyone will only be seen by your followers and those they share it with. That is why it is important to garner retweets from those with substantial followings. Tag industry leaders, local entrepreneurs and any big name that might beinterested in a specific piece of content. You might even be able to go viral this way.

Share Content Multiple Times

The algorithms on Facebook punish page owners who post the same content links repeatedly. This means that, if certain followers aren’t online when the post goes live, there is a good possibility they will never see it.

This is not the case on Twitter. The site seems to recognize that not everyone is on together. This means it is okay for you to post your new content more than once through the day. Do not overdo it, but share at different points so you get more exposure.

While Twitter does not have all the benefits of Facebook, the site undoubtedly outshines the larger social media juggernaut in some areas. As a result, you must put as much time into tweets as the world of Facebook.

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