3 Video Marketing Errors Budding Entrepreneurs Must Keep Away From

Video marketing is a powerful tool whose importance to local businesses can’t be overstated. At least 55% of people watch online videos everyday. This demonstrates just how vital these videos are to a marketing strategy. However, if the following mistakes occur with video marketing, you will simply be throwing away a great promotional opportunity.

43847169_sMaking Videos For Too Long

This rule of thumb does not apply to every situation, but for most online videos, length should be kept down between 60 and 90 seconds. After all, 20% of people exit a video within 10 seconds if it does not quickly engage them. Adding too much time to this only increases the chances they will click away.

Concentrating Too Much on the Purchase

The definitive goal of video marketing is to bring in new business, but it is essential to not make this so obvious. People are not going to be considering videos that equate to nothing more than several minutes of an advertisement. They want valuable content.

Instead of making a long ad, find a way to insert the product into useful content. Explain a terrific recipe while highlighting the use of branded pottery. Take a lesson from Google Earth, who made an ad that merely showed how their service brought a family back together. In simple terms, find a way to advertise without directly advertising.

Upload Across Platforms

While YouTube might be the industry giant for online videos, it does not hold a monopoly. You can upload to Dailymotion, Vimeo and even Facebook. Uploading to multiple platforms increases backlinks to the main site and enhances the likelihood a video will get seen. And consequently, this is the real goal, right?

Online video is easily one of the most valuable content marketing tools out there. This only remains true, though, if you utilize the tool appropriately. Luckily, half of this battle is just keeping away from mistakes like the aforementioned.

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