3 Ways the Pros Increase Their Blog Traffic

Marketers must never get forgotten, and since blogging has become an inclusive element of inbound marketing, small companies must place more focus on this plan. This fact becomes apparent once you realize 33% of Millennials rely heavily on blogs before they decide to buy. An ideal blog, however, won’t do much if it’s not routinely growing. Here is how you can make that occur.

10498454_sObtain Customer Email Addresses

Getting contact information from your customers is the central aspect of many marketing strategies. After all, you wouldn’t even have an email campaign without these addresses. If you expect to increase blog traffic, however, you should keep this list growing. You can at least notify everyone on your email list that a new blog is up, so the more substantial this list, the greater blog traffic you will get.

Center on the Social Media Aspect

You will of course share your blogs on social media, but there are a few things you might need to adjust. The title you create, for example, may work beautifully for search engine optimization but not so much for social media. You should make the title exciting for peopleto open and share your blog. The good news is, Facebook will allow you to click on a blog’s title and change it before sharing it. Take advantage of this tool.

Do Not Utilize the Nickel and Dime Approach

Some companies see hosting a blog as a hassle that simply requires time from their day. Granted, it does take some time to post and promote blogs, but the payoff is definitely worth it. This is the reason you shouldn’t slack off on creating content. If you’re only posting one blog a week, you might easily double your website traffic by posting two. In the end, acquiring more people to your site is the best way to snag those who will keep coming back.

Make sure to constantly focus on providing great content through your blog. In doing so, however, you might want to always try to build upon the reader base you currently have.

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