4 Tools that Can Help With Productivity in 2015

Most of us really enjoy tools, especially when they save you loads of time and money. That’s the best and highest use of these powerful tools, to give us the knowledge we need to make changes that will have a real difference in our businesses.

12809714_sThere are a lot of great tools out there, and it can be more than a bit daunting just trying to figure out what you need. In addition to that, some are hard to use, and require a huge learning curve.

Every year there are incredible tools that can save you a lot of stress and time, and you would be wise to save as many hours of manual labor as you can with the use of a couple of them. Here are 4 tools that can help with productivity, in no particular order of importance.

4 Tools to improve productivity in your business

Canva - Not quite the Photoshop expert you want to be and don’t have the time or resources to learn it? No worries, there’s a free solution you can make use of called Canva. Canva helps you create awesome graphics using a simple interface anyone can use. No learning curve, and like I said, it’s free!

SproutSocial - If you’ve ever seen this site, you know what a analytics wonderland it is, and how much you can use the intelligence it gives you. Not merely an analytics tool, you can also use SproutSocial to post and engage with your audience directly from the platform. Very cool tool suite.

Moz - Long a favorite among people seeking to learn more about their site’s SEO, Moz continues to offer great tools to gather data about your site, keywords, you’re your competition in a comprehensive fashion. There’s not a whole lot this suite of tools can’t do in this realm.

Mention - Want to know what people are saying when it comes to you and your brand? You can track keywords, brand mentions and more from nearly any device, as well as discover the sentiment of the mention, so as to save you time and reputation.

The goal of tools like these in not only to supply you with information that would otherwise be very difficult to gather, but also to provide more time back in your day for other marketing activities. Make sure to take full advantage of this!

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