5 Effective Ways to Optimize your Landing Pages

While most marketers will move heaven and earth to optimize the tiniest of details on their websites, getting them to pay the same level of attention to landing page optimization is a tall task indeed. And yet these will be the same people who will wonder why their landing pages don’t convert as well as they think they should.

36209019_sLanding page optimization has its own rules and best practices, and you would be doing yourself a huge favor if you took them to heart. To help you get going here’s 5 tips for optimizing your landing pages!

5 Landing Page Optimization Tips

Responsive design - Since today’s traffic is more than 50% mobile, this can make a huge difference in how well your landing page converts. If your offer doesn’t render well, or worse doesn’t load at all, you’ve lost before you’ve started. Be sure that your pages are mobile ready.

Killer headline - You’ve got about 5 seconds to truly hook your visitor, which means your headline had better be doing its job and getting them curious or excited enough to read on. That’s the only purpose. However, please don’t resort to “clickbait” headlines in order to accomplish this: you’ll have to deal with much venom if you do.

Clear Call to Action - Make it abundantly clear what you want the reader to do. Let them know, in no uncertain terms, why and what they need to do next to get the benefits you’ve so eloquently laid out for them. This is a major area for testing.

Social proof - If you have any social proof in the form of testimonials, press or positive reviews, make sure you strategically work these in. No one wants to be the first to venture down the new path. As Thomas Swift said, “It was a brave man that first ate an oyster.”

Test everything - Many people don’t test simply because they feel they don’t have the time. This is wrong-headed. Would you rather have fewer sales? That is the alternative to testing. A simple A/B test on the important parts of your landing page can do wonders for your conversion rates!

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