5 Hot Ways to Get Them to Read Your Emails

Nothing is more discouraging than spending lots of time and effort writing emails nobody opens. What’s more, it can be downright unprofitable! A few percentage points more in your email open rates can translate to a lot more profit. Industry averages for marketers vary widely, primarily based on the market, but open rates of 25 percent are not unusual for lists that are current. Undoubtedly, these are folks who have mastered the art of getting their emails opened. Let’s check out 5 ways you can get more of your emails opened, without pulling your hair out!

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  1. Write what you’d want to read - The best way to get more of your emails opened is by giving your readers what they are asking for. Savvy marketers consistently ask their readers for feedback.
  2. Get your subject line right - Crafting a compelling, intriguing, simply must-open subject line is an art you must master. Learn to avoid spam words, and inject the kind of emotion and interest that grabs your readers by the throat.
  3. Be consistent in your “From” box - This is an element of your branding, but it’s more than that. People need to identify and trust you showing up often in their email box. Pick who you want it to be from, either you or your company, and stick with it.
  4. Show your personality - Don’t be afraid to inject some of your personality into your subject lines and especially the first line or two. (This is usually visible in your email inbox!)
  5. Resend your unopens - An extremely simple way to get more opens. Make sure to send the email again to those who didn’t open the first time, but also be sure to change up the subject line a tad. You’ll be surprised at the results.

Of course you will always want to make sure you have something solid to say in the body of the email, but that’s a subject for another day. At least you’ll get them opened now!

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