5 SEO Mistakes Even the Pros Make

It’s very easy to screw up your own SEO, and if you’ve hired someone else to do it for you, that doubles the anguish when they also make these types of mistakes. (You just paid for it!)

13240325_sWhether do it yourself or hire your SEO out, you need to be aware of what not only just doesn’t work, but also what may indeed be counter-productive, and harm you even more.

Let’s take a look at 5 SEO mistakes that are easy to make and often hard to undo.

5 SEO blunders you’ll want to avoid at all costs!

Keywords and anchor text - Google has now polished the search engine algorithm to the point now where it can easily detect heavy-handed attempts to game the system. No longer can you get away with much, and the resulting penalties are often harsh if you’re caught trying. Instead, aim for natural keyword profiles with a lot of related verbiage, and along with that, a diversified and sensible anchor text policy using naturally occurring keywords, naked URLs, and other generic terms.

Using Tags and Tag clouds - Bad idea. The first reason is that it automatically results in duplicate content issues, and second, it uses up valuable virtual real estate.

Don’t use Flash - In the quest for some boffo visual effect, many designers are tempted (or forced) to use Flash. The damage done to your SEO and mobile can make it very unwise to do this.

Ignoring Mobile - It’s not an option. More than 60% of web users access via mobile, and now Google has even gone to the point of ranking unresponsive sites lower in their mobile search, and labeling them with a rather unflattering tag that this page “May not work on your device”. How niceā€¦

Poor internal linking - The assortment of recent Google updates has made this one of the last bastions of effective on-site SEO that really works well. Work to make your site user friendly in this respect, and this is one area to not be shy about using keywords. (With prudence and diversity, obviously!)

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