5 Simple Ways to Help Manage Your Online Reputation

We live in a world where communicating is practically instant, word travels incredibly fast, and if you’re not attentive your online reputation can be trashed in nanoseconds. Many aren’t aware how vital it is to protect your online reputation. Cone Communications reports that some 89 percent of consumers regard online channels are trustworthy sources, and that another 80 percent have gone so far as to change their mind about a purchase after reading a negative comment or review.

11798168_sFurther, your social media is where they’re talking about you. The Society for Communications Research reports that 72 percent said they research companies through social channels before making purchases, and that 59% use social sites to air their frustrations about your customer service.

5 Tips to help guard your online reputation

  1. Check your online reputation regularly - Google yourself and your company name as a minimum once per month. Create Google alerts to notify you if there are any mentions of your names or brand. Easy, free and necessary.
  2. Claim online real estate – If you don’t own your company’s domain name, or your personal one, make it a point to try and get this done. A lot of damage can be done in your name if you don’t.
  3. Be proactive on your social sites - Like your domain name, claim any Facebook, Google or LinkedIn pages that bear your name. In addition to that, make it a point to use them regularly.
  4. Deal with damaging content ASAP - Deal with negative postings and especially complaints right away. Do your very best to contact the person directly, preferably offline. Attempt to handle their issues, and whatever you do, don’t get into a shouting match online.
  5. Be mindful of what you post - Use your brain when posting. If this may come back and bite you or your business later, don’t post it. Those lovely pictures of you and the crew tying one on in in the strip joint are best left out of your online world.

We’re all part of an instant information-driven world. Make certain you’re in position to use this to successfully manage your online reputation!

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