5 Ways to Create a Killer e-Newsletter

Think an e-newsletter is passé and mundane? You may want to take another look. Done properly, an e-newsletter continues to be one of the best ways to engage followers directly, 5 Ways to Create a Killer e-Newsletter one to one. Additionally, an e-newsletter benefits greatly from its relationship with email, in that it is eminently trackable, conversational, and sharable via social media and even video.

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s focus on 5 ways you can make your e-newsletter one they won’t want to put down, plus want to be the first to share.

5 Ways to craft a great e-newsletter

  1. Choose your topic carefully - You have to have a clear understanding of exactly who your core audience is in a broad sense, then get even more specific from there, until you hit the precise niche you want to go after. Don’t just chose a wide, general path like “make money”. Try to be as specific and narrow as you can.
  2. Lead to a click - Make certain that you’re providing an opportunity for your readers to click out to an offer, additional information, related content or simply back to your site. Never leave it at that. Your job is to continue the engagement.
  3. Create content people are itching to share - Readers are on the lookout useful and leading edge information. Make sure and present news, marketing information, human interest, and appeal to your readers for engagement with the goal being to build relationship. Don’t be shy about selling your wares, but don’t make it your sole reason behind sending the e-newsletter. Promote sharing!
  4. Serve your reader - Understanding your audience and supplying what they are seeking in terms of information goes a long way toward determining the failure or success of your e-newsletter. Regularly engage and ask questions that lead you to topics that need to be written about, and deliver.
  5. Make sure to share content across many channels - Share, publicize and otherwise promote your content through as many channels as you can manage. This means Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube as well as blogs. Watching the buzz on these channels is another way to keep up with the topics you ought to be writing about!

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