5 Ways to Create a Valuable Freebie to Give Away for Listbuilding

Today, your good looks alone aren’t sufficient to get visitors to opt-in to your email list, so what is known as an “ethical bribe” is in order. This consists of the offering of a “freebie” as an incentive to get the individual to part with their information.

The conventional wisdom you’ll hear from people is to obtain an e-book, perhaps PLR content that you can give away freely for the opt-in.

Computer alt 2There are a couple of problems with this approach. First, using PLR e-books is a sure way to taint your own image before you’ve gotten started. Most of these are shared, and the content may be old and out of date, which can cast you in a poor light before you’ve even had a chance to get to know them. Second, it’s often not enticing enough to get the action.

Let’s see 5 ways people are creating Freebies that get the opt-in

  1. Make a video - We live in a video age, and using video as a medium has many advantages for you. First of all, it is a terrific introduction to you and your business, can be specifically targeted to the audience you want to attract, and is imminently sharable.
  2. Create a Podcast - A lot of people have gotten into the practice of listening to podcasts as they drive, walk or other activity not suited to viewing. Also, it is very easy to do, and extremely portable.
  3. Make a short report or Ebook - Not ALL e-books are bad; only the ones not unique or specific to your audience and business. Create something original, valuable and timely and you’ll get the opt-in and a bunch of shares as well!
  4. Create an E-Course - If you are able to package together enough content to deliver a mini e-course, you’ll be able to pre-sell your audience further down your marketing funnel with ease.
  5. Hold a Webinar - Among the best ways to get a boatload of opt-ins today is by doing a content based webinar. This, like a video, introduces you and your business, but pre-sells them and gets the opt-in by virtue of the webinar platform. Win-win all around!

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