6 Easy Ways to Screw Up Your Landing Pages

Your landing pages are some of the most critical pieces of virtual content you’ve got, and we must take all measures to ensure they perform to optimum efficiency. There are some great ways you can totally screw up your landing pages. No really, it’s very easy! Before you become a victim of this unfortunate happenstance, let’s examine what a few of these dreadful mistakes are, and the way you can stay away from them.

17100815_sCheck out and avoid these 6 landing page killers!

Poor load times - It’s now a well-known statistic that if your page takes over 3 seconds to load, a whopping 40 percent of impatient people will leave. Who can blame them though? Check your page loads frequently and take steps to ensure it appears quickly and in its entirety!

Design clean, uncluttered landing pages - Endeavor to keep your landing pages focused. Avoid big blocks of text. Use white space. Don’t cram in everything you can think of trying to pry the action out of them. Just deliver clean, simple content focused on one purpose!

Links that lead elsewhere - A big no-no! Including anything in addition to a link to your desired action will cut conversions drastically. Don’t give them a choice by including site nav links, social media buttons, or anything else. If you would like another shot at them should they not decide to click your link, use an exit pop.

Too much text - Be sure you think carefully before setting up a long form salesletter on your landing pages. Most of the time, shorter works better.

Don’t ask for the moon - Getting people to take one action is hard: give them a form packed with twenty fields and you’re simply asking for it. You very likely need less information than you might think, and this is an area you’ll want to test for sure.

No mobile version - If you’ve got that onerous form cited above, think how fun that’ll be filling out on a mobile device! Optimize your mobile landing pages for size as well as amount of content. You’ll do much better.

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