6 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Consider Video Advertising

The benefits of digital video advertising have quickly switched it from a “nice to have”
for larger businesses to a “must have.” Now, this status has begun to trickle down to
smaller businesses. Brands already embracing video ads have have a distinct advantage over their competition. Soon, video advertising for small businesses could become table stakes for all business owners. Without it, they may not be able to viably compete for new customers and overall sales. In other words: video ads provide so many advantages that small businesses without a video marketing strategy may get left behind. Discover the benefits of video advertising and learn about six huge reasons your small business should consider video ads by reading on.

1. Digital Video Has Runaway Growth with No Signs of
Slowing Down

First, business owners should know that digital video is not just a “fad.” It’s a
legitimate trend that reflects our evolving use of technology.

Online video has become an absolute monster in the past few years with no signs of
slowing down. People watch over 500 million hours of video on YouTube each and
every day. An estimated one-third of all online activity is spent watching video.

digital02Video uploaded to newer platforms has also quickly caught traction. Since
introducing native video for Facebook users in 2013, the platform has grown to have
over 500 million people watch at least one video in a given day.

There are many reasons behind this upsurge in video production and consumption,
but mobile is one of the most important to keep in mind. As smartphone adoption
rates rose and device owners gained access to cheaper data plans, the simultaneous
explosive growth in content production and attentive audiences created a full-blown

Over half of video content is now viewed via mobile device, and mobile video saw 20
percent consumption growth last year.

Altogether, these facts show that if your business invests in video, it won’t be stuck
with something no one uses five years from now. Instead, not using video advertising
could actually make your business feel like a dinosaur.

2. Most Marketers Are Buying into Video Ads, And They’re
Seeing Real Results

While more consumers are watching videos, more marketers are also spending more
money on video advertising. Comparing 2016 to 2015, marketers spent 53 percent more
on digital video ads — $9.1 billion in total. Looking just at mobile video ad growth,
spending increased 145 percent year-over-year during the same period.

And while video ads made up just 12.5 percent of overall digital ad spending last year,
digital advertising as a whole eclipsed traditional TV advertising. TV has long been
the king in the ad world since the 1960s. That fact that digital can unseat it is a big

Also, many brands have begun to give video the lion’s share (56 percent) of their ad
budget, signalling a larger sea change in the handoff between digital and traditional
pay TV.

Overall, people have begun to pay less attention to traditional media outlets like
broadcast TV and more attention to digital video. Businesses using video ads will find
bigger and bigger audiences over time. Those who stick to older forms of ads will have
shrinking audiences.

This trend has strongly motivated marketers to pay attention. Currently, over 67
percent of brands say that they purchase video ad inventory on Facebook. The
majority intend to spend more on video in the next year.

Since “programmatic ad platforms” can automatically match your video ad with
people most willing to buy, the tremendous appeal of video content has helped
marketers find big, high-value audiences and better conversion rates.

3. Video Sharing Helps Your Ads Go Viral and Expand

Video is not only appealing but also highly sharable. In fact, traffic to video sharing
sites has more than tripled. Also, 92 percent of mobile video viewers report that they
regularly share videos with others.

Because video is so sharable, a single ad placement can turn into free exposures from
people sharing your ad with friends and associates. Video ads therefore help small
businesses get more value for their dollar.

Four times as many people would prefer to watch a product-focused video compared
to reading about it.

4. Video Communicates More Than Words or Images

Video content combines sight and sound with motion to create a deeply engrossing
experience. By combining moody imagery with soothing music, for instance, small
business brands can make viewers feel emotion more effectively than images or text can
by itself.

Consider that a two-minute explainer video can be capable of delivering over 200
words of script. It will also show deeper information with animations, visual cues and
things like editing. Maybe this is why people say that if a picture is worth 1,000 words,
1 minute of video must be worth 1.8 million!

Additionally, people tend to remember video far more clearly compared to text. The
average viewer claims to remember 95 percent of what they saw in a video compared to
just 10 percent of what they read through text.

For small businesses marketing, these benefits mean that video does more with less.
Your viewers will get more of your message, enjoy it as an experience, and remember it
better overall.

5. Video Helps You Rank Higher for SEO and Social

Google’s search index gives video approximately a 50 times higher chance of appearing
on the first page of results compared to any content page that just uses text. Video
search results also tend to show at the very top of SERPs (search engine results pages)
or near the top-five overall results.

By having your video more likely to appear in search results, you can get more clicks
from search users directly in the SERPs. Having your video appear on the SERPs can
also increase organic traffic by 157 percent compared to text-based webpages. Put together: each video you make can generate more business with less effort.

6. Video Can Drive Serious Conversions

The addition of video to your existing campaigns can help convert more people more
quickly. For instance, including a video on a landing page can increase conversions by
over 80 percent. Similarly, including a video in the first email of your drip campaign
can increase your subscriber click-through rate by 96 percent.

On top of this, using video anywhere on your website can drive engagement overall.
According to studies, the average user spends 88 percent on websites that contain
video. Additionally, blogs incorporating video tend to earn around three times as
many inbound links compared to text-only posts.

Small business owners using both paid video ads and non-ad-related video content
will therefore have an easier time finding more leads from multiple sources.

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