Best Ways To Use Images For Your Local Business Website

The usefulness of your local business website is based on its content. People browse the web for helpful information. Websites that provide no informational value quickly fall by the wayside. You have probably seen websites that are poorly constructed. These are usually full of unhelpful images and little text.

12947191_sWebsites like these do not last long on the web. Images should not dominate your website, unless it is a photo gallery. There are guidelines on using images that will help you make the most of them without letting them dominate. Read this article for these helpful suggestions.

Useful information comes from the text that you write. However, you can add images to emphasize on a point. When used appropriately, a well-positioned image can drive the point home. Just make sure that this image is formatted appropriately so it displays clearly on the screen.

Images that have low resolution will look fuzzy and pixelated, which is undesirable. You need to keep your image high in quality but low in file size at the same time. This is a fine balance, so you have to experiment with different settings. Size your image proportionately to the article so it fits the overall layout.

You should not use images to replace what you should convey in text. Search engines index text and pick up key words from the content that they crawl. Images are skipped over unless there is text in the alt attribute that can be indexed.

Alt attributes of the image tag have a couple of benefits. For visually impaired web visitors, their screen readers read the text in the alt attribute so they get information on these images. The other benefit of the alt attribute is for search engine optimization. As mentioned earlier, search engines cannot see images, but they can see the text in the alt attribute. So, use relevant key words in this section to get the most out of your images.

Just because you can see images on the web, that does not mean you can freely copy and use them in your own website. Copyright law protects images, unless the images are in the public domain. Use of copyright images will need the permission from the owner of the images. If you do not adhere to copyright laws, you can find yourself in legal trouble.

Your logo is another area where you should put careful thought into what image to use. Your logo should have a clean look. It should be a symbol of your business. Read some books about logo design to get some ideas. Be careful not to make your logo resemble too much to another logo. If two logos are similar, there can be legal complications.

Make sure all of your image links are not broken. Broken links make your website look like it is not being looked after. It will give people the impression that it is abandoned.

Images can add value to your website if used strategically. Apply some of these ideas, and you will see the different they can make.

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