Out of the Box Methods to Market with Instagram

Who could’ve envisioned that Instagram would have be the web authority it is now in such a small amount of time? Exceeding 100 Million users, and having been recently acquired by Facebook, all things are indeed rocking at this widely used photo sharing site. What’s catching interest lately though is the innovative ways people are using Instagram, and nowhere is that more visible than in, of all places, Kuwait.

14818678_sLet’s hear it for Kuwaiti ingenuity!

According to Kottke.org, Kuwaitis have taken to using Instagram as a visually oriented mobile store, selling nearly anything they wish. Some of the offerings you can find are Manga, clothing and accessories, makeup services, and surprisingly, sheep! While selling sheep on Instagram is probably not your thing, you can understand the ingenuity of these people adapting Instagram for their own marketing purposes in uniquely innovative way. They’ve got products they would like to sell, they take a picture, upload it into their Instagram account, add a price and ask interested parties contact for more information or to purchase. Marketing at its most basic, on a world-wide scale!

What lesson can we learn here?

The clearest reminder here is that to take advantage of a popular platform’s traffic, you have to apply a bit of ingenuity and lateral thinking to the mix. While Instagram was not created to be a sales platform, it has the facility for this, if even mainly on a rudimentary level. What ideas can you come up with that might advance your business? Some marketers are utilizing Instagram to promote CPA (cost per action) offers. Given the social sharing aspect, and the huge traffic on Instagram, this was inescapable. Other people are using it to direct to squeeze pages for list building purposes.

Might want to get about it now, however, as given that this is now a Facebook property, it’s more than likely change is going to be part of its future, so strike now!

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