Bring More Visitors to Your Local Business Website With These Search Engine Optimization Tips

Now that you have your brand new website for your local business, you need to optimize it to be more relevant to search engine spiders. These tips can help bring the most visitors to your site.

12832551_sList the most relevant keywords and keyword phrases that you think visitors will use when searching for your website. This list will contain your meta keyword tags. Building these meta tags into your HTML code allows search engine robots to recognize the most valuable aspects of what is contained in your website. Although your customers will never see these codes, they will make your webpages rank higher in search engine results.

You should also write a meta description tag which your customers will see on the search engine results page. This description should make sense when read by consumers but make it as keyword dense as possible. More keywords translate to higher rankings. Each page of your website should be built around specific keywords and you should have a separate meta description tag for each page.

Search engine spiders also use the keywords built into your URL, or domain name, when ranking your website. Your single most important keywords should be used in your domain name. If the specific URL you want to use is already taken, use hyphens between each word.

This allows you to use your strongest keywords, use a domain name similar to the one you originally wanted and give search engine spiders the opportunity to recognize each keyword individually. Slashes and underscores can be used instead of hyphens for sub-directories. Running several keywords together without using a hyphen to divide each word limits the ability of search engine robots to recognize and interpret your keywords. This may actually confuse the spiders and result in lower rankings for your website.

Images and other non-text content is often ignored by search engine spiders. Always provide a text description of images and enhance Use direct textual links to direct search engines spiders to other pages within your website.

If the robots cannot access certain pages of your website, they will be ignored. This makes it difficult for crawler to recognize the relevancy of your website when certain keywords are entered into their search engine. Image links that are not completely ignored with be under-valued by the search engine spiders. Remember that links are important when search engines rank webpages.

Having a great looking website is only the first step. If you want people to visit your site, they need to be able to find it. Using these search engine optimization tricks will help that happen.

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