How to Capitalize on the New Trends in Mobile Marketing

We’ve all heard that consumers are making a big switch to doing business on their mobile devices, but what does this mean really? What steps must we take as merchants and vendors to reach the mobile market as they roam the streets, searching for deals they can use?

20207699_sLet’s have a quick look at consumer mobile behaviors, and how you can best take advantage to make your products and services available to them.

A quick look at mobile marketing numbers

  • More than 51 percent of all emails are now opened via a mobile device
  • 74 percent of consumers use their mobile devices to research their shopping before they do it
  • 82 percent of mobile shoppers complete their purchase inside your store, and 26 percent right from their phones!
  • 55 percent of mobile shoppers want to buy within the hour, and 83 percent within a day

So what can we learn from these numbers? Mobile consumers are in many instances completing the entire shopping cycle, from researching their wants and desires to actually making the purchase via a mobile platform.

Musts for any merchant or advertiser hoping to reach the mobile market

Your audience is now taking the shopping platform with them wherever they go. It’s your job to make sure you are not just present, but able to service their desires every bit as well as if they were in your store. Here’s a few ways to help with that. Make sure you are sporting a fully functional and optimized mobile site. If you’ve got a shopping app to sit right alongside it, that’s a double win. You’ll also want to be sure the site renders well on all devices and platforms.

You should also consider employing mobile ads. This is still in its beginnings, and the ad prices are low and the opportunity incredible. Not just that, new technology is appearing all of the time, such as retargeting with Facebook ads, that are revealing new and exciting ways to reach a growing audience.

Ensuring that your business is not just fully optimized for mobile but up to date as to how to use these exciting new toys is your job. Considering this is where the money is, shouldn’t you be there too?

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