Check Out These 5 Easy Ways to Do Social Media Maintenance

Okay, so you’ve got a couple social media accounts, and have posted to them once or twice. So where is this rush of traffic and benefit you were supposed to reap? The truth is that if you aren’t making regular posts and sharing content, along with engaging with your followers you most likely won’t make much of an impact.

18053358_sThe problem many companies face is how to find time and what specifically to concentrate on when it comes to social media maintenance. There are a lot of things to keep up with, but with the help of some smart tools and an even smarter plan, it is possible.

Let’s take a look at 5 suggestions for making your social media less of a drag and more of a revenue and lead generating channel.

5 Tips for social media maintenance

Choose your platforms wisely - You really can’t do justice to your social media when you are spread too thinly across too many social platforms. You will definitely want to look into the major ones, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Even so choose the few that make the most sense for your business, and concentrate on them.

Schedule your postings - Having a calendar where you can see and schedule your postings will help in several ways. Not only will you feel less pressure to come up with something wonderful right away, you’ll be able to craft social campaigns and incorporate tools into your mix.

Use cross promotion - Make sure to take advantage of cross promotion by announcing your social postings to all your channels. This can result in a larger and wider reach for your content.

Make sure you repurpose your content - Employing your content in various ways on your social media platforms simply makes good sense. A long post can make a number of good snippets, meant to lead readers back to the site where they can read the entire version. You get the idea…

Share great content - Make an effort to share great content you find from other sources on the Web that your readers will like. This is a great strategy to improve your own authority. This will not only help you in the content creation process, but your readers will thank you!

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