Check Out How to Use Social Proof to Your Advantage

Once social media became the immense resource it is now, it was only a matter of time before the concept of social proof, which is the tacit approval and conformation to a particular point of view or taste because many of their compatriots do, became a valuable commodity.

19306528_sThis profoundly popular and powerful tactic is admittedly very appealing. Getting large numbers of people to cast votes in your favor, just by virtue of what they like or follow is a notion no marketer could let pass idly by.

Let’s look at 5 types of social proof, and let the ideas begin to percolate in your head.

5 Amazing types of social proof

Celebrity - No doubt if you can get a celebrity endorsement or testimonial, you have something valuable. These work best when the person in question is either extremely likable or somewhat controversial.

Everyone else on the planet has it - The fear of missing out on something you’ve just told them they need, because 15,494 of others like them have just gotten one, is a powerful tonic.

Expert - People implicitly trust authority, and if you trot out an expert, no matter how obscure, you have instant social proof. This is where the term “influencers” was born and is a core concept in social media marketing today.

User generated - Many times satisfied customers feel compelled, (especially when encouraged) to leave a review. This is golden, as you didn’t need to do any ting extraordinary to get it, and it strikes a chord in your readers as someone just like them has found your product or service useful. This form carries an authenticity that is tough to beat.

Friends influence - When products or services come recommended by our friends, we give it a bit more legitimacy than we otherwise might. This is why the number of friends and followers a person has does have some real value.

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