How to Choose an Email Marketing Application

Figuring out which email marketing application to get is a significant part of your business foundation. You need to use a service that will not only deliver your emails promptly and dependably, but will also offer the tools needed for you to analyze, track and properly market to your lists.

You’ll need to make sure your service covers the fundamentals like, sending and scheduling emails, the ability to use both plain text and html, tracking, analytics, form building and more. Having said that, which one is right for you? There is a lot of fine services, each a bit different to pick from. Listed below are five of the most popular ones used by online marketers, and why that is.

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  • AWeber - Long regarded as the best service around, AWeber offers a reputation for perhaps the best deliverability in the industry, due largely to their extremely strict policies regarding the composition of your lists. You can’t just add names you might have come across or purchased into their lists; they must be very clean. They nearly demand double-optin. You can do single optin, but you will have to jump through some hoops to do so. They have good reporting, analytics are fine, and their forms builder is straightforward to use. Prices start at $19 a month.
  • GetResponse - This service is the most popular among many affiliate marketers, because they are very friendly towards them. Supplying a good form builder, GetResponse is a terrific option to start. They offer a 30-day free trial, and prices start at $17 after that. (Good deals are available!)
  • MailChimp - A good place for beginners to start, as they have a free option (no autoresponders) and are inexpensive to boot. They boast some impressive analytics reports including tweet trends, goal tracking, revenue charts and social analytics, good deliverability, and integrate your social media services. They have premade templates you can utilize, but their builder is sub-standard. Still overall, MailChimp offers great value for the money.
  • iContact - For people who are into easy to use interfaces, iContact might be your best choice. In addition they are also attractively priced, starting at around $10 a month. iContact integrates with a lot of other services as well, such as SalesForce, Analytics and many more. One bad thing is they offer no customer service on the weekends.
  • Constant Contact - ConstantContact is more than an email service provider. They provide a number of other services, such as app and integrations to allow you to sync up other services, a deal application (think Groupon) and offer a free trial. The one thing we don’t like is that they are not that great in deliverability, and the site is challenging to navigate.

Whoever you choose, make sure they have what you need in an email mailing service. Used wisely, this can be one of your most useful online marketing tools.

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