Combining Your Physical Business With Your Online Presence To Create A Force To Be Reckoned With

Many people have a physical brick and mortar business where they generate their revenue and a small website to promote the business and little else. The day has arrived where more and more people are combining the two in order to reach a larger audience, increase awareness and generate additional revenue.

13157458_sEven Wal-Mart tells people that certain items can only be bought online when they come in to the store looking for something they need. They have combined both forms of presence and send people to either or to generate revenue. This article will give you an idea on how you can make the most of your physical and online presence to the point that both benefit the bottom line at the end of the day so continue reading to learn more.

Press releases are a great way to draw business to either your electronic business or your physical building. You can issue these where they state something new and exciting will occur at the online site or in your store. The goal is to simply excite people and make them aware in both places of something big happening that they can take part of.

A product feed is necessary for those online to see what you offer and the descriptions of each item. You may upload your catalog or you will have to have the data file uploaded to your site.  If you have a website and decide to offer a product feed, you should also sign up for a merchant account or some way to sell merchandise through an electronic shopping cart. Take advantage of your hard work and use your website to move product and generate sales.

Being an authority in your type of business is a plus when you share your knowledge. Post content on your site that is educational and informative. This is where people judge you as an expert and make the decision to visit you when they have a problem for which you offer or sell a solution. You can do a lot to promote your business. You will get the most effect on customers by passing on your knowledge and experience. Make sure the content that you share is of high quality and edited by a person who is knowledgeable could look bad with poor grammar and punctuation.

Finally, send customers specials by email roughly once a week. Too many people are being spammed and if you send too many emails, they will opt out. If you show patience and respect to the customer by keeping email offers to a minimal, they are more than likely going to look towards you for help. It is often best to deliver these during working hours on a Friday to grab the weekend interest as people are off work in many cases and will take the time to look through their email.

As you can see, you can easily promote both of your locations, physical and online, by making them work for each other. Hopefully the suggestions offered will allow you the growth you deserve and a long future ahead of you as you build a reliable customer base from both of your business entities by directing visitors to both and by fulfilling all of their needs.

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