How to Communicate with your Customers

These days it’s not enough to talk to your customers only where there’s a difficulty. Dealing with ever stiffer competition, an intelligent business owner understands this and makes sure they have an efficient and enlightening customer communication system in place.

9075988_sGetting feedback from your customer and learning about what they expect from a service or product like yours is nothing but smart, and will help you stay in business for a long time. How do you get this done? There are so many choices with regard to communication now, email, social media, instant messaging, phone support or more. Below are four ways to help make some decisions when it comes to instituting a customer communication system in your business.

4 Approaches to listen to and hear your customers

  • Set communication as a priority - Don’t consider this as an afterthought, only to be sorted out when there’s a fire. On the contrary, effective communication with your customer base will only be helpful, and produce more sales and customers.
  • Be active on social media channels - Your customers are talking about you on social media; wouldn’t it be a good idea to not only be aware of it, but be a part of the discussion? Smart business owners understand that social media is crucial to success today, and also a useful tool for heading off potential problems!
  • Conduct surveys and hold contests - Surveys and contests are fantastic ways to know what your customers are thinking and talking about, and give you a way to produce some of the things they are seeking. This is easily done and definitely worth the effort.
  • Use feedback from your transactions - You’ve seen this a lot already, for instance those coupons offers printed on the back of fast food receipts in exchange for a brief feedback call. This is done because it works. Everyone likes a deal, and the feedback you get can be the best deal of all.

Managing effective communication with your customer base requires a bit of effort and desire, but it can pay off handsomely in the long run.

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