Need More and Better Content in 2015? Check Out These 7 Tips

Now that we all agree that terrific content is a requirement going forward in 2015 and beyond, the question then becomes exactly how do we implement this with the time and talents we have available?

15591158_sWe need to do this, keeping in mind of course that the landscape for content marketing at present demands quality, and somewhat more extensive work, which means that planning and leverage are two key elements we need to embrace.

So let’s dive right into what you should consider when working on your content marketing planning.

7 Ideas for content that you can utilize in 2015

Use more Video - You’ve heard this before, but the effectiveness of video for content marketing is becoming more and more prevalent. There’s simply no end in sight, and the truth is video remains a fantastic vehicle for delivering amazing visual content. If you haven’t by now, make expanding your video for content marketing a priority this year.

Use social media more effectively - Take full advantage of what social media can do for your content marketing. It can be a platform, it can promote, and it can be a valuable intelligence tool.

Look back at 2014 - Take a journey down memory lane and figure out what proved helpful for your audience in 2014. This can easily be done by looking at site analytics and customer comments, to see what struck a chord last year.

Ask your audience - Create a poll, quiz or survey to generate user interests. If in doubt, ask!

Get into Repurposing your content - What worked before can work again, in a slightly different form. A popular post can transform into a video, slideshow, Facebook post or more.

Content Curation - Curating awesome content from other sites is a terrific way to import great content, gain authority and offer value for your readers.

Try something new - There are surely forms of content you’ve yet to try that your audience might find interesting and informative. This could possibly include podcasts, image directories like Pinterest and Instagram, or more. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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