Why Your Content Has No Afterlife

You work your tail off getting your content to a place where you feel as though the Pope himself is going to be in awe, however when you post it, it has all the impact of a bowl of wet noodles.

4107033_sOf course there aren’t any guarantees that everything we write is going to hit it big, there are times when we feel as though we’ve actually created terrific content that for some reason or another fails to catch the fancy of our audience.

No one hits it big every single time, but if this looks like it’s a pattern with your content, let’s check out some of the reasons your content might not be hitting on all cylinders.

3 Reasons that your content isn’t resonating

Lack of emotional appeal - This is the big one. Sharing content that strikes a chord on a gut level is something we all do. Be sure you appeal to your readers emotion by addressing the pain points of whatever it is your content is covering, and showing them a way to take care of that. Writing in a more conversational, personal tone can help foster this kind of connection, versus a dry, overly technical or jargon-laden piece.

Lousy distribution of your content - This is where a lot of us miss the boat. There are many more places than ever to share your content, and the ease of doing this is surpassed only by the time and effort it will take to do so, but hey, you wanted for it to reach far and wide, right? Make sure you announce your content on social media channels, via your email list, and anywhere else you have your voice. Work on making connections larger than yours, and using your social media contacts. Consider using paid traffic to boost your content, as in a Facebook or Twitter ad.

It’s not worth sharing - If your content is not positive, or lacks elements that other people would find valuable, you’ll learn that most people won’t want to share it. Humor and a great story always end up getting shared. Creating emotional content that addresses practical concerns in a useful way is a recipe for getting your content shared far and wide.

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