Content Marketing Errors You Should Always Avoid

19840854_sIt Is Not Supposed To Be About You

Focusing Too Much on Yourself

It seems second nature for a business to focus on itself when marketing to others, however, this should not be the key goal when it comes to content marketing. Consumers enjoy creative content because it is useful. In fact, 90 percent of prospects find custom content useful. This means marketers need to focus on providing value as an alternative to saying “Look at us, we are great!” Rather than selling your customers, try showing your customers why the product or service will make their lives a lot easier and they, in turn, will ask to buy it.

Leaving Out Calls to Action

Just because you are trying to provide value more than a “Buy Me” vibe in content marketing, this doesn’t mean you need to neglect your sale entirely. Upon having provided the information the client values, always add a call to action at the end that would interest them given the content they read. Be sure it flows perfectly, though. “Buy Now” does not flow well from informative content.

Focusing on Only One Format

The written word is a strong thing, but it really should not be the only tool used in your content strategy. It is fine if the majority of your time is spent with blogs and articles, but do not ignore videos, slide presentations, podcasts, or any other form of content that your clients may be interested in. If nothing else, at least utilize video, which is predicted to dominate 64 percent of marketers’ strategies in the future.

Do not let little goof ups ruin your entire marketing strategy. Luckily, the most common mistakes are easily avoidable.

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