See How to Craft Content that Brings you Lots of Traffic

You may have believed that you had content marketing covered when you’ve managed to post more than once a week to your site or blog. The truth is, if you would like it to finally bring the awesome results you keep hearing about, it’s a bit more involved than just that.

19137698_sThe way to have this happen for you is easier than you think, but does require a little outside the box thinking. In particular, you need to understand how to involve several different types of content into the mix, and use them together.

Let’s see 7 ways you can create content that will attract more traffic, and not just one time!

7 Types of content that can bring loads of traffic to your site

Create an infographic - We all love visuals, and infographics have etched out a special place in our hearts. They are compact, informative, and greatest of all for us, readily sharable!

Make a case study - If you have had great results with a particular method or tactic, that could be just the ticket for creating an instructive case study. Very hot right now!

Tutorials - Similarly, a good tutorial, especially on things technical, is able to bring you a lot of eyeballs for a very long time.

Videos - People watch a great deal of video every month, and if you can create a smart, well-done explainer video for your site and market it wisely, you will have created a traffic stream that will surprise you!

Podcasts - Podcasts are all the craze now, as people love to listen (even in meetings sometimes!) when they aren’t able to watch. Moreover, it is a great medium for their smartphones, which can be tiresome to watch videos on.

Interviews - Set up interviews with authority figures in your market and watch your content get shared far and wide.

Epic posts - Creating long form content that really tackles a subject thoroughly is a great way to have that content shared and receive a lot of traffic. Although this is not something you can likely do every day, it can also help establish your authority.

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