Crafting Awesome Calls to Action

There are countless things that can go wrong with your conversions, and ferreting out the exact cause is sometimes a difficult mystery to solve. You do your best to craft winning sales copy, landing pages, opt-in forms and other offers, only to see that after all your hard work they do not convert as well as you’d hoped.

46060439_sSo what happened? Was it the copy’s fault, is the price too high, or is your color scheme all wrong?

Well one of the things that for sure didn’t happen is a lot of A/B testing on the various elements of your offer. And although some of these could be the culprit, chances are the answer is found in a much simpler solution: Your calls to action.

What Makes a Terrific Call to Action

One of the most true things ever said about calls to action is that if you don’t make it a point to tell your reader precisely what to do next, odds are what they choose won’t be what you wanted.

Be direct, and use plain language, no matter the action you are asking them to take, from a free download to a sales button.

Create a Sense of Urgency

You want your readers to act now, so creating an aura of urgency around your product or offer is essential. If there are limited quantities, or the sale is for a limited time, state that. If the promo pricing ends soon, emphasize that. Do whatever you can to get them to act today!

Tips for Creating Awesome Calls to Action

  • Placing a call to action above the fold in the webpage is a good idea
  • Using numbers in creative ways works
  • Contrast your colors to make your offer pop off the page
  • Use several calls to action on your page
  • Use emotional words in your headlines and copy
  • Emphasize benefits; not features

If your goal is to increase conversions as I’m confident it is, you need to make sure to test out the various elements to find the things that work best for a particular offer and audience. This is especially true of your calls to action. This is where the money is!

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