How to Create a Follow-up E-mail Series for Those Who Opt-in

The easiest way to win with email marketing is to have an automated email autoresponder series set to kick in immediately after someone opts in to your list. This can save you not just tons of time, but makes email marketing manageable. But how do you create one of these? It does require a bit of work initially, but the time savings in the future is huge!

15573424_sIt’s not merely a matter of dashing off an email every few days, usually stuffed with affiliate links. This may work to a degree short term, but you’ll soon find that this type of valueless approach results in mass unsubscribes and has you constantly working to replenish lost names. Why don’t you work instead not only to keep the subscribers you obtain, but nurture and shower them with value. This is how you create a long term business with email. Let’s look at several ways to ensure that happens!

Choose your goals – Knowing the exact result you want to come up with is vital to your success in email. Irrespective of whether you’re seeking to generate sales, create long-term relationships, create a buzz about an event or your company, or other aims, knowing this going in will give you a huge leg up when it comes to crafting your auto-responder series.

Decide on a strategy – Every business will have a slightly unique plan here, and many of the elements that enter into this are trust, authority, and being a bit more likeable than the average emailer! We all crave being entertained!

Map out your email sequence – Do this on a spreadsheet, delineating each mailing in the sequence, and what its purpose is. This is where you’ll decide how long the sequence will be, and there aren’t any hard and fast rules for this. Whether it happens to be 12 or 200, it���s up to you and your business needs.

Writing the actual emails – Once you’ve determined purpose and number of emails in the sequence, it’s time to write them. If you are writing them yourself, take a moment and get into the psychology of selling with email, and you will be rewarded! If you’re hiring a writer, make sure they know this as well.

Employ tracking and testing – Any email service provider worth their salt is going to have extensive tracking statistics available to you.

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