Want to Create a Lead Magnet that Gets Results?

If you’re trying to build an email list of prospects, you’ll need an item of value that’s specific to your intended audience to attract them.

15690058_sWhat is a lead magnet and how do you implement them?

All of us need fresh leads, and the most effective way to acquire them is by offering people something of value exchange for their contact information, typically their name and email address. What is offered in return is called a lead magnet.

The more specific they are the better. You should make sure you’re offering something that can make a difference for them now, not years in the future. We all want it yesterday, right? You will gain more than just subscribers, in this day and age of social sharing, you will also help with branding yourself and your company as leaders in your space.

Here are 7 Great Ideas for Powerful Lead Magnets

  1. A topical infographic - It truly has been the year of the infographic, and it indicates no sign of stopping. There are becoming easier to make now, and you can also outsource this job.
  2. Use videos - There are innumerable uses for video in your business, from showcasing your business or products to making a valuable informative how-to video for people (Hint)
  3. A short report or PDF - The tried and tested method of sending out a PDF in exchange for an opt-in is still working very well. Just keep in mind it needs to be short, powerful and hopefully very specific.
  4. Information - packed mindmaps, blueprints and cheat sheets – These are great tools for packing a lot of useful information into an easily deliverable, branded form.
  5. Hold a webinar - Webinars are terrific ways to introduce yourself to a potential audience, all the while giving them something very useful via a content-packed webinar.
  6. Audio podcasts - Podcasts are yet another easily distributable tool for branding and delivering great content. They are a breeze to produce as well.
  7. Give a coupon or free trials - We all want to save a few bucks. This might be the easy way to not only get more subscribers, but sales also.

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