See How You can Create a Video Marketing Strategy

Since there is no question that video rules this day and age of online marketing, it’s high time to kick your video marketing strategy into overdrive and start reaping some of the windfall that is coming to marketers that are.

19463708_sIt’s well-known now that the average internet user watches 206 videos each month, and more important, videos are 4X more engaging than static content, and thus convert at a significantly higher rate.

Since it’s clear we need to make videos to succeed online these days, let’s examine 5 ways you can come up with a video marketing strategy crafted to your unique business.

5 Tips for a killer video marketing strategy

Know your audience - Knowing without a doubt what your audience is interested in and what would help them move further along down your marketing funnels is your first and most basic task, as it will determine everything that comes later. As questions, do surveys, and study your analytics for insights on this vitally important piece.

Decide what types of videos to make - This is somewhat determined by the talents you already possess, along with those around you, and your budget. Since you can make effective videos now with little more than a smartphone, the barrier of equipment is largely done away with. If you’re uncomfortable shooting live action videos, look at making screen cast videos, or slideshow videos, where you simply narrate the screen or slides. Both can usually get the message across well.

Set some objectives and goals - Knowing what the goals are not only of your video marketing overall but of a specific video is very helpful, both in producing content and marketing it. Figure out what you want to accomplish with each video before you make it!

Setup a production calendar - Make sure the responsibility for the creation and implementation of your videos is someone’s task. It is very helpful to create a production/editorial calendar to schedule the content, so you can see where you’re going well in advance.

Don’t forget to market your videos - Just making the videos isn’t enough. Millions are made everyday, and you have to have your videos stand out amongst a sea of competing videos, you need to do some basic marketing to at least get them to show up well in YouTube. Not difficult to do, but definitely necessary!

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