These Direct Mail Marketing Problems Could Ruin Your Advertising

Thanks to technology advances, local companies have an abundance of digital and advanced marketing tools. Thanks to these enhancements, we tend to forget that traditional promotional practices are still useful. Direct mail marketing, for instance, has shown to have an average return of 4,300 percent when utilized correctly. Of course, this means problems must be averted at all costs. These are three of the most essential to dodge.

11233097 - a stressed businesswoman is looking to the screen of her pcFailing to identify Direct Mail Analytics

Analyzing the results of social media, email and pay-per-click marketing, while not simple for novices, is effortless when compared to traditional marketing methods. After all, shoppers cannot click on a direct mailer and have open rates sent automatically.

This does not mean, however, that you shouldn’t analyze what works and what fails in direct mail marketing. Different industries will have different results when it comes to mailers. You must concentrate on what is bringing in new customers and focus on replicating that success.

Failing to Offer Incentive

It is understandable that you want to boost your product or service’s visibility in the local community. This is no excuse, though, to simply send out mailers that don’t offer some form of a compelling offer. Whether it is an upcoming sale, discount for first-time shoppers or any other incentive, it is merely imperative that you give people a reason to come in.

Not Integrating Other Marketing Platforms

Even if you are brand-new to marketing, you likely know that certain marketing platforms are easy to integrate. Including a social media button in emails, for instance, can do wonders. One of the greatest mistakes local businesses make is not integrating offline marketing, such as direct mailers, with digital. This could be as easy as offering a discount for people who “like” a social media page or simply listing a unique domain name. Integrate without exceptions.

Statistics prove that direct mail marketing is not a thing of the past. If you can make use of the tool correctly, and avoid the previously mentioned mistakes, you too can find success through the Postal Service.

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