Think Email Marketing is Dead? – Think Again!

When it comes to judging how well our marketing strategies are doing, it’s wise to investigate how well they convert into sales, opt-ins or any other actions, and base our decisions about future marketing based on this information.

12491273_sEmail marketing has been a champ at this year after year, but over the last few years, many would have you feel like it’s lost its usefulness, and has largely become forgotten insofar as popular marketing goes. With all the current focus on the latest and greatest social media platforms breaking records for users, you might be forgiven if you’ve been of the opinion that email marketing is ineffective.


That is what we call, a HUGE mistake!

While decidedly not as “new” and exciting as the latest social media darling may be, email continues to perform at what can only be termed as outstanding levels! A significant new study by Custora sheds a lot of light on just how rewarding email can still be in the hands of smart marketers. Rather than being in decline, customer acquisition using email has quadrupled in the last four years, and these customers were at least 10 times as valuable as those received from either Facebook or twitter. This is due in no small part to the fact that we’re far more used to seeing marketing arrive in email, while it’s still fairly new to social media. With time the social media platforms may indeed prove useful in this regard. It’s just not happening at this point, so you would be smart to allocate your marketing activities accordingly.


How to allocate your marketing efforts

Since email still leads to an ROI in excess of $40 for every $1 spent, while social media remains stuck well beneath $1, you’d be wise to use your assets accordingly. One terrific use of social media at this moment in time is to funnel prospects onto your email lists, by providing a taste of what your brand is about, and saving the selling for email down the road. The conclusion here is to not buy into all of the hype about email being a dead marketing channel. That would be a very costly misstep!

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