How to Make Email Marketing Profitable in 2014

If you’re buying into the seemingly annual headline that “email marketing is dead”, the chances are you don’t need to read any further. Never mind that all the facts decisively contradict this dire prediction.

11038423_sThe fact is, email is far from dead, and in fact is more effective than ever. There are always changes which come along and scare everyone (witness the Gmail tabs brouhaha a couple of months ago!) but the reality is that email is still kicking it!

A few bright shiny email statistics!

As stated by ExactTarget

  • 95 percent of people who buy online are email users.
  • Email marketing returns $44.25 for every $1 spent!
  • By 2017 there’ll be an astounding 236 million email users.

Want to know how to get in on the fun? Here’s 5 tips on how to boost your email marketing campaigns.

  1. Create a plan specifically for email marketing - Know what your audience has an interest in, plan your emails both to cater to those needs, and address your site’s overall conversion goals at the same time. This means take the time to think this out!
  2. Optimize for mobile devices - It’s no longer a secret: 43 percent of all emails are being opened on a mobile device, and that number is growing. Ensure that you optimize your emails for mobile, (images, text and brevity) and make it easier to engage.
  3. Pay attention to your subject lines! - The first and really only goal of your subject line is to get them to open the mail and read what comes next. And keep it brief: a study by Adestra reveals that subject lines of less than 10 characters are opened a whopping 58 percent more!
  4. Use visual content within your emails - While you may be most pleased with your words, it’s the videos and the images that get your readers excited. Open rates are nearly double with videos, and conversions are higher also!
  5. Use social media to spread the word and expand your reach - Be sure to take full advantage of social media to help your emails reach a larger audience.

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