Can Emoji Marketing Really Be Effective?

If there’s one thing constant about marketing, it’s the fact that it’s always evolving. Something that may not even exist today might be the marketing tool of tomorrow. Strangely enough, it seems as if emojis – the small smiley faces overwhelmingly used in messaging – have made their way to the marketing landscape. It might be hard to understand why, but these little icons can actually make a marketing strategy more effective.

47691278 - wonder female emoticonImproved Email Marketing

Whether or not a local business uses a specific marketing strategy should depend upon data. Just how effective is the strategy? When it comes to email marketing and emojis, there’s definitely a positive correlation.

In fact, a recent study found that 56 percent of companies that include emojis and other symbols in their subject lines experience higher open rates. While this could vary based on targeted demographic, trying out the method is certainly worth the chance.

Improves Communication to Consumers

Anyone who has had a conversation over text in their life knows that meaning can be lost in the digital realm. Even putting emphasis on the wrong word when reading can completely change the connotation of a message. Using emojis removes this potentiality. Both positive and negative messages can get consumers’ attention, and using emojis ensures they’ll certainly understand the conveyed meaning.

Marketing on a Personal Level

Any marketer who’s been paying attention knows that the drive towards personal-level marketing has been speeding up. Individuals want to feel as if they’re speaking with real people rather than just marketing messages. Emojis help accomplish this.

The simple fact is that emojis create the feeling of humanity. In fact, scientists have found that people who embrace emojis are more successful and make more friends than others. Everyone loves a kind gesture, and these emoticons can do just that.

While many may still see emojis as cliché and childish, they are certainly catching on in the business world. From Pepsi to Taco Bell, big corporations are already using emoji marketing, and data-driven science says local businesses should as well.

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