Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Stop Making in 2017

When Facebook hit 1 billion active monthly users, marketers realized just how powerful the social platform could be. Anyone who managed to overlook this fact, however, will have to pay attention now that the benchmark has hit 2 billion. Unfortunately, it’s possible that your company made a variety of Facebook marketing mistakes in 2017, but if you can stop these now, your local business’s 2018 should be much more productive.

It’s acceptable to be proud of your business, but your Facebook posts can’t focus entirely on promotion.

1. Inconsistent and Infrequent Posting

One of the biggest Facebook marketing mistakes of 2017 – which will likely continue well into the future – is looking at the social platform as a secondary, non-essential marketing tool. This results in sporadic posts, and even local business owners who recognize the importance of Facebook will sometimes fall into this trap simply because they don’t know better.

Your Facebook followers will lose interest if you don’t post frequently and consistently. This is a simple fact of life. Over time, Facebook may very well even limit the number of followers who see your posts.

2. Nonstop Promotion of Company

It’s acceptable to be proud of your business, but your Facebook posts can’t focus entirely on promotion. While people may follow your page because they enjoy your business, they’ll only stay engaged if you’re providing useful and appealing content. The majority of your posts should be industry-related, but don’t make them all about “Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!”

3. Thinking Facebook Is Free

Facebook is certainly a free marketing outlet, but you’re unlikely to get the results you want if you don’t spend a dime. Hiring a digital marketing manager can help with your organic reach, and utilizing Facebook ads to target specific demographics will be especially helpful. Gone are the days when a business could get tons of traffic for free with Facebook, but fortunately, the site also doesn’t make spending an arm and a leg necessary.

Countless “too big to fail” companies have gone under in the past, but if there’s any corporation that can survive forever, it’s Facebook. This is why marketing on the platform is an investment in the future. Sadly, mistakes can ruin the site’s promotional potential, but by stopping these Facebook marketing mistakes in 2017, your investment will certainly be worthwhile.

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