Five Important Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Really Need To Avoid

Are you using social media to promote your brand and products? You need to learn more about the most common mistakes marketers make on this platform. Keep reading to learn more about social media and the mistakes you need to avoid.

Do not create accounts on the social networks your customers do not use. You need to communicate with your audience to get a better idea of which sites they use regularly. You can easily manage up to five social networking accounts but keep in mind that social media marketing can become time-consuming.

12253097_sIt is best to limit yourself to the networks your customers use the most. Remember that new networks are created regularly; you need to stay up to date with new trends and integrate new networks into your campaign if your customers use these sites.

Do not neglect professional connections. You should use your personal accounts or sign up for LinkedIn so you can stay in touch with other professionals. You should connect with professionals in your field, distributors and even competitors if you can maintain friendly relations with them.

Share updates about your different projects, your results and the kind of products you would like to sell in the future. You should also connect with marketing experts so you can keep learning more about the latest trends.

You should not share content your subscribers will not be interested in. All your updates should be related to the items you sell or to the activities customers use your products for. Avoid sharing anything too personal or talking about topics your subscribers would not necessarily relate to. Choose your updates very carefully and do not hesitate to spend a few days without sharing anything on social networks if you do not have any valuable content.

Do not expect to get results right away. You need to keep track of how many subscribers that are registered and the number of sales generated thanks to your presence on social networks. Keep in mind that promoting this new campaign or generating some sales can take some time.

Set some goals for your social media marketing campaign so you can keep progressing. Do not give up on this campaign if you do not get the results you wanted; keep trying different strategies until you find something that works.

Do not forget to inform your customers about your campaign. You should talk about it to the customers you meet and add links to your profiles on your homepage. You can also update the signature of your emails with some links to your different profiles. Offer some incentives to get your customers interested in this campaign. You could for instance launch this campaign by associating it with a contest or with the release of a new product.

Avoid these five mistakes and focus on strategies adapted to your audience and to your products. Count how many products you sell thanks to this new campaign to make sure you are using efficient strategies.

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