How to Know the Frequency You Should be Emailing Your List

So how frequently can you communicate with your email lists? That’s a common question for marketers starting with email marketing. On one hand you don’t want to alienate the very people you’re attempting to charm, but at the same time you intend to be able to deliver top-notch, relevant content to keep you and your business front and center when they need your services, or when you need to market to them.

email_iconThe truth is there’s no standard answer. One business may need to communicate a lot more than another, while another needs to send just enough to stay in mind. So let’s have a quick look at some of the principles you should consider when finding that perfect number for your business.

What you should know about email frequency

The first thing to understand is that your prospect’s inbox is a competitive place. A lot of others are vying for attention there, and to stand out you’ve got to accomplish a number of things.

The best case scenario for any business is to build up a long-term relationship with your list, one where you are trusted and your opinions valued. If you can attain this email Nirvana, you’ll be able to send out sales pitches from time to time and not be perceived as a scummy marketer.

The way to make this occur is by delivering great value in your non-sales emails, and be truly interested in giving out the best tips and information you know, so as to further engender, know, like and trust in them. First and foremost, make sure you don’t sell in every email.

As a general rule, if you are using this advice, you’re able to mail 2-3 times a week without it being viewed as a intrusion. Don’t forget, this changes if you aren’t giving value and over-selling.

You’ll quickly get a feel for how much is too much, and your subscribers will let you know. If you’re ever getting lots of unsubscribes, check out the reasons. If it’s because they’re hearing too often from you, they’ll say so. If the content isn’t relevant, you’ve got other concerns to deal with.

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