See How Google Webmaster Tools can Rock Your SEO

If you are a newcomer to Google Webmaster Tools or haven’t even given it a test drive yet, you ought to know that there are a number of useful tools that will help you with your site’s SEO.

13624443_sWhat better place to find out what’s wrong with your site than where it matters most, Google. After all, they are dealing out the search rankings, and it’s useful to know what they think about your pages.

Google Webmaster Tools is a huge suite of tools. But for now let’s focus on 4 areas that will give you a lot of value for your money. (Even though GWT is free!)

4 Great Google Webmaster Tools reports to inform your SEO

HTML improvements - The HTML Improvements report is a very handy tool indeed for SEO. It can show you things you definitely need to be aware of, like how well or even if your Meta data is optimized, title and descriptions deficiencies, along with duplicate content issues. Well worth a look.

Search Queries - This report is probably the most useful of all. You can divine a number of great metrics, including impressions, clicks, click-thru-rate, keyword terms searched, image and video SEO and a lot more. While the keyword data is limited, and only extends back thirty days, it’s still useful.

Crawl errors - This report will show you exactly which pages are returning a 404 error code, that is, not found. These you’ll need to take care of as soon as possible, because you are losing traffic, and your search engine results may be skewed as well.

Links to your site - This one returns a list of sites that are linking to your pages, and will show you what pages are drawing the most interest. This can be, and often is, quite surprising, as pages or content you might not have thought was significant may very well be drawing loads of traffic to your site!

Google Webmaster tools are a very useful tool to tell you what you need to be concerned about and fixing within your SEO. It should be your first stop, even if you do eventually use a more sophisticated paid tool to dive deeper.

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