How Article Marketing can Bring you More Customers for Your Local Orlando Business Online

The internet is driven by text. Text in blogs, articles and posts are used to convey messages to web surfers. Text is used by search engines to figure out which web sites to include in the search results for a given keyword.

For any web site to consistently rank high in Google (without paying for pay per click ads) they have to regularly update with text relevant to their keywords. This is not a problem for the person who only has one blog. But, for the people who run dozens or hundreds of web sites, this can be extremely time consuming. Oftentimes, those who are already making a decent income online will begin to outsource their article writing.

These articles can be used for multiple purposes. They can be uploaded directly to a client’s blog for fresh content or they can be uploaded to article directories in order to get easy, quality back links. In most cases, articles placed on article directories will have a link to the client’s web site at the bottom.

No matter what your articles are used for, there will always be a need for more. The amount of success of any article marketing campaign is determined by volume. The more articles you write the more sales you make.

Article marketing is one of the most cost effective was to market your web site. Banner ads, pay per click advertising, and most forms of offline advertising will be far more expensive than article marketing.

Every article is like an Internet billboard working to promote your web site twenty-four hours a day. Another great thing about article marketing is that it will bring you targeted prospects. The people who search for your keywords are already actively seeking more information on what you have to offer.

Every article pre-sells readers so that they come to your web site ready to buy. When they see you have written many articles they will see you as the expert and have trust in what you have to say.

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