How do I get found in the Local Search Results to Market my Local Orlando Business Online?

Google has actually developed an innovative resource for regional businesses to have a presence online. It’s called Google Places. They are the Map Listings that you log on to when you seek a certain services or product.

Google has done many of the job for you. Do a search for your company in your location using your keywords. The moment you find your listing you will see a Location Web page by your listing. If not your website really isn’t likely ranking very higher and you might need to scroll down and through the following few webpages.


If you don’t locate your site search for the term “Google Places” and it will certainly give you a link to Google Places to upload your company.

When you locate your listing with the “Place Webpage” all you need to do is declare your company listing. Fill in more information concerning your business, articles as well as video clips. Also a business that doesn’t have an internet site can receive on Google Places. Just how easy is that?

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